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PSI Conference Room Retrofit

Existing System Design Solution Description: Room.jpg

Display systems in place

2 – 55” LG HD Plasma TV’s existed in the room flanking either side of the mail 6’x8’ Stuart Wide Screen with a Mitsubishi HD Projector. Description: Rack.jpg


The rack contained:

·       CDR/Cassette unit that was no longer being used.

·       An older BSS Soundweb unit that had died

·       4 wireless microphones

·       Clearone Teleconference unit with a wired remote

·       A no name brand Home Theater control system

·       Matrix video/audio switcher

Output was to 8 Ceiling speakers.

All trying to be controlled by a small 3” touch panel on the lectern.

Main System Control

The new MPX Plus 866A was the chosen as the A/V matrix/DSP control unit and the central control point of the system. The 866a unit has a total of 8 RGB inputs and 6 RGB outputs, this enabled us to configure the system with 3 VGA outputs for computers to the 2 plasma screens and 1 Projector, and 3 RGB hi res outputs to the same outputs. This allowed us to not have to use a scaler in the system to convert input/output signals, and just use the display systems to choose the type of input needed.

We used the Extron IP Link series of interface controllers; IPL T SFI244 and the IPL T S6, to actually drive the system. With a mix of Relays for the screen up/down control, IR for the DVD control, and the RS-232 for the display and teleconference controls.

Control Interface

The user interface is driven from that TouchLink TLP 700MV, mounted in the top of the lectern. This color touch panel display is large enough to give the user a comfortable view of the system and provide single control of all elements in the system. Description: control.jpg


The hardware for the room that was installed was done over a 3 day period while the GUI and control system was being programmed by Extron.

Software Programming

The GUI and Global Configuration files were setup by Extron. This allowed us to finish this hardware install quickly in order to meet the clients tight install demands for the room. The software was uploaded without a problem, and then our installer in the field and with Extron on the phone for support we spent about 3 hours tweaking, testing , expanding and changing the system in the room. With Extron’s excellent support we were able to go back in on a 2nd day and revise some of the programming for the client on the fly and finish the install in the time frame needed.


The system is working just like intended, the control screen provides a single point of control for all input devices, DVD, tuner, Clearone Teleconference system, wireless mics, screens, TV’s, Projector’s, and is ready to be expanded to control the Lifesize Video Conference system  when the client upgrades the room, as well as any other video or audio 

Contact: Brian Kohagen (

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