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Wings over the Rockies Rigging.

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WOTR Rigging Standards:


    Wing Over The Rockies Museum is equipped with permanent rigging points rated for 2000 lbs. total weight per truss line.  Please refer to the CAD files for exact locations of the rigging points. There is NO RIGGING OTHER THAN THE PERMANENT RIGGING POINTS INSTALLED.

    PSI must make all connections to the ceiling or supporting structure of the Museum.

    Only a PSI rigger may move flown equipment.

    Only PSI truss may be used.

    Only PSI rigging chain motors may be used.

    Additional weight cannot be applied to flown equipment after PSI riggers leave the room.

    Under no circumstances may a person be suspended, walk or climb upon any point or supporting structure attached to the ceiling.

    Rigging plots must contain all flown equipment in addition to a reflective ceiling plan with hang-points. Please use our CAD file (available for download – please see you WOTR representative) as your design template.

    If a rigging plot is received by our office that does not respect the Museum’s rigging regulations, the client has the option to either redesign their event or have our offices redesign the event at a cost of $60 per hour.

    All drawings must be received electronically. Hard copies will be accepted in a scale of no smaller than 1/8"-1’.

    Carpet squares or wood pads are a requirement of WOTR on all ground-supported production elements to protect the flooring.



Please read WOTR Rules and Regulations for additional information on requirements for production, which can be acquired, from your Museum representative.




Rigging Equipment Guidelines:


    A scissor lift is required for all rigging calls.  WOTR has a lift on site and available for rental – please see your venue representative for rates.  Only PSI riggers are allowed to operate lifts.  All lifts used in this facility must have white, non-marking tires and be in good repair. Construction or outdoor lifts will not be allowed in.

    All equipment and materials flown must pass ANSI guidelines and be approved.

    All chain motors, rigging hardware and trussing must be supplied by PSI.

    Any dynamic (moving) element requires an arrester device.

    A steel "safety" is required on each individual item to be attached to the trussing.  

All nuts and bolts used overhead must be rated and all wire rope clips and overhead hardware (eyebolts etc.) must be forged, unless approved by PSI.


 Rigging Rates:


*All rigging pricing is per day, unless specifically noted as weekly.  Current service charge and tax will be included in the final rigging proposal.


Rigging Chain Motor Charge (greater than 100 lbs.)

• Regular rate = $50 each (includes .5 hoist)


Rigging Point Charge (All Chain Motors Require a Rigging Point / "Dead Hang" less than 100 lbs.)

• Regular rate = $25 each


Truss Rental Rate

• Regular rate = $2 per foot (minimum of 40’)


Banner and Sign Hanging 
Please contact your PSI representative concerning rates and pricing. 

*Rigging labor and scissor lift charges may apply based on location and scope.



Rigging Labor Rates:

Riggers - Four-hour minimum required:

Monday – Saturday 7:00am – 12:00am = $60 per hour

Overtime after 10 hours, all day Sunday and Holidays at 1.5 hourly rate = $90 per hour

Double Time between 12:00am – 7:00am Sunday – Saturday


**Holidays = New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


***15% Service Charge will be applied to all rigging orders on gear rental.   Local and State taxes will apply to all orders.


   Scissor Lift Daily Rental

   • Regular rate = $250

   Scissor Lift Weekly Rental

   • Regular rate = $750 

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